Lucky Soul's Tattoo
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As a child I remember not just drawing like every other kid loves to, but drawing simple still lifes with apples and bananas. This creativity followed me all through school where my main medium was Bic pens and sometimes pencil. I would also work with clay and paints for school projects.

As I entered high school I found a new art "tattoos". Although I had no idea what was capable with a tattoo machine and skin, I still loved the look and image of tattoos. My first experience was with a needle and India ink, which quickly turned into finding a way to make an electric tattoo machine. I carried on with this new found addiction all through high school, as well as my pen and pencil drawings.

When school was done I moved on in life with factory work saving money for proper tattoo equipment. I tattooed out of a room I had set up in the basement of my house, until I felt confident enough to approach a local studio about a job tattooing. This worked out well for a year then I felt the desire to open own my own studio; something more professional. I opened my first studio in 2000 call Twisted Body Art. That only lasted a year for me due to lack of business, before I opened a new shop in my hometown Preston Ontario with a good friend, called Eternal Body Art. After five years we split as business partners. I kept the shop and renamed it Lucky Soul's Tattoo and gave it an overhaul into a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Lucky Soul's has become a well respected and very prosperous business with 8 employees.

In 2000 I attended my first international tattoo convention, and that is when my eyes were opened to the possibilities of tattooing. Seeing artists from all over the world and getting to talk with them really helped me understand the world of tattoos. After being a spectator for a few years I decided I would enter into some tattoo conventions and try to get my name known internationally. Since doing that I have made new friends from all over. I have had guest artists at my shop from as far as New Zealand, and have won numerous awards for my tattoo work. Along with these new friends came new mediums of art that I have learned from some of them. I took on watercolor painting, which I got good advice on from a great friend Alex Harpin of Inkluzion in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec.

As of recent I have started a custom shop for cars and bikes (Lucky Soul's Customs), where I have taken on airbrushing, pinstriping, and gold leafing to name a few things. I also get my hands dirty with some fabricating, body work and assembly of custom vehicles. My love for vehicles comes from my Grandfather who took me to car races every weekend, and brought me home engines to tear apart from the age of four.

There are also many other things I enjoy and employ artistically which include photography, graphic design, and music. I play bass in a band called West Memphis Suicide which I have been a part of for two years now. I started playing guitar over twenty years ago and made the switch to bass in 2000.

Art is my life and always will be. When I can no longer make art I will still love and enjoy art in all ways possible.

My name is Paul Oliver and I am an artist trying to leave a mark, a permanent mark on a world obsessed with disposables.